Lord of Misrule, a 2023 British folk horror film directed by William Brent Bell and starring Tuppence Middleton, Ralph Ineson, and Matt Stokoe, was released in theaters on October 26, 2023, to critical acclaim.

The film follows a young minister and her daughter who move to a small English village only to find themselves caught up in a dark and terrifying pagan ritual.

Lord of Misrule is a beautifully shot and atmospheric film that features stunning cinematography and haunting performances from the cast. The film is also well-written and well-directed, and it creates a truly unsettling and suspenseful atmosphere.

Critics have praised Lord of Misrule for its stunning visuals, its chilling atmosphere, and its strong performances. The film has also been praised for its originality and its unique take on the folk horror genre.

Why You Should Watch Lord of Misrule

If you are a fan of folk horror films, or if you are simply looking for a well-made and chilling film, then you should definitely watch Lord of Misrule. The film features stunning visuals, a haunting atmosphere, and strong performances from the cast.

However, if you are looking for a light-hearted or easy-to-watch film, then Lord of Misrule may not be for you. The film is a slow-burning horror film that is more interested in creating atmosphere and suspense than it is in gore or jump scares.

Overall, Lord of Misrule is a well-made and chilling folk horror film that is sure to appeal to fans of the genre and anyone looking for a truly unsettling and suspenseful film.