Elite, the popular Spanish teen drama series, returned for its seventh season on Netflix on October 20, 2023. The new season features a new cast of characters, including Omar Ayuso, Danna Paola, Fernando Líndez, Mirela Balić, Gleb Abrosimov, Iván Mendes, Alejandro Albarracín, Maribel Verdú, and Anitta.

The seventh season of Elite picks up after the events of the sixth season, with the students of Las Encinas still reeling from the murder of Armando (Miguel Bernardeau). The new season also introduces a new mystery, as a new student arrives at Las Encinas and quickly becomes embroiled in the school's drama.

Elite has been praised for its diverse cast, its inclusive storylines, and its addictive drama. The new season is sure to please fans of the series, as it features all of the things that make Elite so popular.

Why You Should Watch Elite Season 7

If you are a fan of teen dramas, or if you are simply looking for a well-made and entertaining series, then you should definitely watch Elite Season 7. The series features a diverse cast, inclusive storylines, and addictive drama.

However, if you are looking for a light-hearted or easy-to-watch series, then Elite Season 7 may not be for you. The series does deal with some serious topics, such as murder, drug use, and sexual assault.

Overall, Elite Season 7 is a well-made and entertaining teen drama that is sure to appeal to fans of the series and anyone looking for a well-made and addictive series.