Birthright Outlaw, a 2023 American faith-based Western film directed by John Schneider and starring Lucas Black, Sarah Drew, and Jeff Fahey, was released in theaters on October 13, 2023, to positive reviews. The film tells the story of a pastor who must overcome his doubts and fears in order to save his kidnapped daughter.

Lucas Black stars as Pastor Jeremiah Jacobs, a man who is struggling to keep his faith alive. Sarah Drew stars as Martha Jacobs, Jeremiah's wife. Jeff Fahey stars as Sheriff Henry Black, a man who is trying to help Jeremiah find his daughter.

When Jeremiah's daughter, Hope, is kidnapped by a group of outlaws, Jeremiah must set out to rescue her. Along the way, he must overcome his doubts and fears, and he must learn to trust in God.

Birthright Outlaw is a well-made and heartwarming film with a strong cast. Lucas Black and Sarah Drew give excellent performances as Jeremiah and Martha Jacobs. Jeff Fahey is also excellent as Sheriff Henry Black.

The film has been praised by critics for its strong performances, its heartwarming story, and its beautiful cinematography. Critics have also noted that the film is a timely and relevant exploration of themes such as faith, family, and redemption.

Why You Should Watch Birthright Outlaw

If you are a fan of Westerns or faith-based films, then you should definitely watch Birthright Outlaw. The film is well-made and heartwarming with a strong cast.

The film is also notable for its positive and uplifting message. Birthright Outlaw is a film about faith, family, and redemption. It is a film that will stay with you long after you have watched it.

However, if you are not a fan of Westerns or faith-based films, then Birthright Outlaw may not be for you. The film does deal with some religious themes, and it may not be to everyone's taste.

Overall, Birthright Outlaw is a well-made and heartwarming Western with a strong cast and a positive message. The film is sure to appeal to fans of Westerns, faith-based films, and anyone looking for a well-made and entertaining film.