Wish: New Disney Animated Movie to Release in November 2023

The upcoming Disney animated movie Wish, directed by David Henry Hwang and starring Stephanie Beatriz, is set to be released in theaters on November 24, 2023. The film is inspired by the Colombian folktale "Cenicienta".

Wish follows the story of a young girl named Anya who lives in a dusty town in the middle of nowhere. She dreams of a better life, but she is stuck in a dead-end job and her stepmother and stepsisters are always making her life difficult.

One day, Anya meets a mysterious star who grants her one wish. She wishes to be whisked away to a glamorous world where she can live her dream life. However, she soon realizes that her wish has come with a price.

The film's trailer, which was released on April 27, 2023, teases a visually stunning and magical film that is sure to please fans of animated movies. The trailer has been met with positive reactions from critics, who have praised the film's animation and its diverse cast.

Wish is sure to be a major event when it releases in November 2023. The film has the potential to be a critical and commercial success, and it is sure to appeal to fans of Disney, animated movies, and coming-of-age stories.

Here are some additional details about the film:

The film is produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios.
The film's budget is estimated to be $100 million.
The film was shot in Los Angeles and Vancouver.
The film's score is composed by Germaine Franco.

Wish is a must-see for fans of Disney, animated movies, and coming-of-age stories. The film is sure to be a visually stunning and magical experience that will leave audiences feeling inspired.