Notes of Autumn: Hallmark Movie to Release in September 2023

A new Hallmark movie titled Notes of Autumn is set to be released on Hallmark Channel on September 16, 2023. The film stars Ashley Williams, Luke Macfarlane, Marcus Rosner, and Peter Porte.

Notes of Autumn follows Ellie, a fun-loving, classically trained pianist living in the city who gave up on her passion long ago. She now works for a hotel and always seems to be getting things wrong when musical inspiration strikes. Her best friend, Leo, lives in the rustic outskirts of British Columbia. He's a famous author with writer's block who can't finish another installment in his highly popular book series.

Ellie and Leo decide to swap places for a week, only to find themselves completely lost in new surroundings. Ellie gets tangled up in helping Sam, Leo's neighbor, put together a musical performance for a local fundraiser. Leo strikes up a friendship with Ellie's good friend Matt and opens himself up to writing something different that really inspires him.

Notes of Autumn is a heartwarming story about second chances and the power of music. It is sure to appeal to fans of Hallmark movies, Ashley Williams, and Luke Macfarlane.

Here are some additional details about the film:

The film is directed by David Winning.
The script is written by Michael Scott.
The film is produced by Hallmark Channel.
The film's budget is estimated to be $2 million.
The film was shot in British Columbia.

Notes of Autumn is a must-see for fans of Hallmark movies, Ashley Williams, and Luke Macfarlane. The film is sure to be a heartwarming and inspiring experience that will leave audiences feeling uplifted.